3 great tips for poker

Poker is like an art form that very few of us truly master. A common saying is that poker that poker takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master, and there’s a lot in that saying that makes sense. If you think about it, there are always new things to learn in the game of poker, new strategies to employ, new mind games, and we never really become fully learned in the game. That said, I don’t mean that there aren’t a few people who have become true masters of the game. Just look at the WSOP (The World Series of Poker), which is the largest poker tournament in the world. How come that some people end up at the final table year after year, even though there are several thousand participants? That should give the people who say poker is a game of chance something to think about. As a beginner in poker, you’re are obviously not expected to know every little trick in the book, but I thought I’d put together three of the most important tips when you start playing poker. You can find more good tips at websites like PokerZ, which is a poker portal with a ton of useful information.

  1. Don’t start off by playing stakes too high. A common mistake that beginners make all the time is to start playing poker with too much money involved. First of all, when you’re new to the game you’re pretty much expected to lose more than you win in the first couple of months – but that’s all part of learning the game. Secondly, you have to understand that poker is truly a game of psychology. When you are playing for more money than you are comfortable with losing, you are going to be more likely to make mistakes. Maybe you’ll get nervous about it and therefore don’t think through your actions, or you may simply be forced to fold a pot you might have a good chance of winning simply because the other players bet too high. There are several websites with good articles on how to manage your bankroll in online poker.
  2. Learning instead of playing. Although you will pick things up when you play poker, it’s not going to teach you the more valuable lessons. A lot of newbies make the mistake of playing poker all the time but not employing new tactics while doing so. In order to get good at poker it’s essential that you read up on strategy guides and learn about odds, and not spend all your time just playing the game for fun. Read more strategy guides at poker portals such as Juegos De Poker, and try to divide your time between learning and playing.
  3. Pay attention around the table. Regardless of whether you’re playing online or at a live table, one of the biggest keys to success in poker is to pay attention to the other players around the table. With every action we make, we give communicate important information to our opponents. Try to make up player profiles of the other people around the table. Who is aggressive as opposed to tight? Who has a hot temperament? Which players are good and which players have no idea of what they’re doing? These are all important question to ask yourself during a game of poker.

This is a good start if you are new to poker, but when you are starting to get good there are several more things you need to learn. Have a look at pokeronline.pw for example. It’s a Spanish review site which also offers a lot of different tactics and systems to use in online poker!

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