How to deal with losing streaks in Trading

If you are a rookie in the trading world, you might be surprised to hear this, but losing money on your investments is a big part of any successful trader career. In fact, forex trading is just as much about losing as it is about winning, and although I don’t really have any statistical evidence of what I’m about to state, I’m certain that if you look at most successful trader’s investments over a whole year, there would be just as many losing investments as there would be winning. The key to trading with currencies is minimizing your losses and simultaneously maximize your profits. Read more about this on, which is a trading portal that has recently become very popular.

So, in every experienced traders career, there has been at least one period of time where he has had a losing streak. There’s nothing we can do about that, as there’s no way that we can predict the way the market will change with a hundred percent accuracy, and we just have to accept that fact that every once in a while we’ll just get… unlucky.

But what can we do when we experience such a thing? Surely we must be doing something wrong. Well, although even the best of traders sometimes lose money, there are certain things that some people do that should be avoided. First of all, you should never overtrade. This means that you shouldn’t just throw your money into any currency just because your buddy tipped you off, as it would be gambling with your money. Instead, make sure to do your research carefully. The more you read up on something, the more certain you will be about whether an investment will be appropriate or not. Sure, it means a lot more work, but just like with everything else, it’s the people that work the hardest that get the greatest rewards.

Secondly, I strongly recommend that you keep a trading journal, so that you can easily track your history. This way, when you feel that you’re going to hit that horrible bad streak again, you can go over your trading history and look for any common threads that occurs when your losing. There is a Spanish website called that has some good tips on how to easily keep a trading journal, so feel free to check it out (if you speak Spanish, that is!).

When you are losing, the most important thing to remember is to resist the urge of wanting to win back you losses quickly. This is so common, but it’s such a classic mistake. The last thing you want to do when you’re trading is to take massive risks, and investing in a high risk trade will always make you more likely to lose money in the long run. Instead, when you’re losing, make you investments even slower, and as you manage to turn it around, the slowly increase you investments again. This is a much safer way of doing things. It will take a little bit longer, but it’s definitely going to be worth the time.

Is binary trading the future of online gambling?

Many people say that binary options are the financial instrument that joins the world of financial trading with the one of online gambling. Why is this? A gambler without any previous experience in online trading would surely say that it can’t be that similar, just as an experienced investor would never think of financial trading as anyway near gambling. But when you consider a few things it’s actually quite clear that the two of them are not so different after all.

First of all, there’s always a risk in involved in financial betting. There’s no way for us to predict future market changes with full certainty, no matter how sure they might seem .This risk is similar to that of online gambling, although financial trading offers traders to affect that risk by making wise choices. In other words, an inexperienced trader that is just playing around makes investments based on gut feel rather than precise analyses is pretty much taking a big gambler, whereas an experienced trader are much more likely to get his predictions right, and thus not taking as many risks as the inexperienced trader. Think of it as playing roulette. If you bet on black there is a chance that is roughly 50 percent that the ball will end up on a black slot and you will win double the amount of your initial bet. Well, in binary options trading you will bet on an asset to either go up or down within a certain time frame. Now, if you have no idea of what you’re doing, and you’re not analyzing the situation properly, you have two options to choose from. This will also give you a 50% chance of winning. There is a spanish trading site called which has some interesting information on the similarities between binary trading and gambling.

Another thing that makes binary options trading similar to gambling is the fact that it is fast paced. Many people that are not involved in trading assume that all types of trading is a long term process. They think of stock investors that don’t get paid off from their investment until years afterwards, but in binary options trading it’s different. Here you will bet on a stock (for example) to go up or down within a specified time frame, and this timeframe can be surprisingly low. It often ranges between 15-30 minutes, meaning that you can double your capital several times in an hour if you know what you are doing. There are even websites offering shorter options, as short as one minute. This allows traders to enjoy the same adrenaline rushes that they can do playing a slot machines in a casino, and is one of the main reasons to why people think of it as something similar to gambling. To find a whole bunch of good binary trading websites, click here to visit, which is one of my favorite trading portals.

What type of certain games attracts certain players?

It’s sort of a universal fact that casino players will keep returning to the games that they like, and stop playing the games they don’t. So what sorts of games attract certain groups of people? Before online gambling, when people were going to land based casinos, it seemed that the slot areas (you can find loads of casinos with slotmachines here!) were mostly populated by women, while the table games and the card games had a majority of men playing. Studies show that this has changed since online gambling became introduced, but what actually made this change happen?

When speaking generally, men have always tended to opt for the casino games that involve some form of skill when playing. Of course, this is just a broad generalization and exceptions definitely do exist. On the other side of the fence, and once again this is widely generalized, women tend to go for the games that involve less skill and more luck, such as bingo, lottery and slot machines.

Considering the above mentioned fact, it is interesting that since online gambling started to become popular this dynamic seems to be changing and these days men and women alike seem to enjoy the same sort of games. Much of this, I believe, is due to the fact that the online casino industry has started to develop slot machines that are quite different to what we’re used to in land based casinos. Just have a look at websites like och Nexusgames to find casinos offering some of the most amazing slot machines in the world. Follow this link to find out more! Rather than offering classic three reel slot machines with just one pay-line and a spin-button, slot machines now come with five reels and a number of pay-lines. Some machines even have an element of skill involved. I think one of the main reasons why men have started to play slots is that software developers have started to develop games that are themed around typical male interests, such as super-hero’s and sports.

It’s obvious that the more advanced slot machines become, and the more features they have, such as special symbols and such, the more popular they will become. Slots are one of the few games that consistently develop in the casino world. I mean, blackjack will always be blackjack, and the same goes for roulette, and there’s not much you can do about that. Another feature that is sure to bring a large amount of players to a game is a progressive jackpot. Just the jackpot itself is sometimes more interesting than the game, and even though players are aware of the fact that the chances of winning the jackpot are ridiculously low, just the possibility of it makes the game appealing. Knowing the a random number generator is being used to operate slot machines, they can payout at any given time, regardless of how the machine has behaved earlier. One of the most famous progressive slot machines is Microgaming’s Mega Moolah, which can be found on a number of websites (click here for more info!). It has been commonly known as the millionaire maker thanks to its frequent payouts.

Considering how advanced slot machines are these days, regardless of whether a player wins or loses, he will most likely have a really good time enjoying the videoslot!

Slot players keep returning!

It’s rather obvious that casino players that like slot machines will prioritize games that seem intriguing at first glance when they pick their games. Slot machines based on famous characters or on symbols that everyone is familiar with are safe way to attract a large number of players. You can find alot of good onlince casinos at sites like tragamonedas and, some of which offers some really high quality slot machines. find out more by clicking here! But how does an online casino manage to keep the players hooked once they’ve tried the game out and seem to like it?

As I’m sure you would have figured out, if a product has a good marketing campaign behind it, is will get attention. However, if the product does not live up to the public’s expectation, it will receive feedback which will destroy its reputation leading it to quickly lose its popularity. This applies to most products, and casino games are certainly no exception. So, if a casino starts promoting a slot machine based on a famous character or some other theme that is bound to generate interest, the game will certainly generate some initial attraction. But if a player tries the game out and realizes that it’s not very good, and not as cool as he’d expected it to be, he will naturally lose interest and start playing other games instead.

While a theme of a slot can be a good way of drawing quick attraction, it is absolutely crucial that casino companies spend time on making high quality games with features that actually keeps the player stimulated. This means that casinos can never presume that a casino slot machine will be a hit just because the theme of the slot happens to be very popular, as this is only a way for them to create interest around the product. It’s what’s behind the theme that the customer really cares about. How does the slot machine differ from your average slot, and what makes it stand out? These are the questions that software developers need to ask themselves before making a new game. The fact is that most slot players don’t even prioritize the payout percentages when they play slots, they’d rather play on the machine that gives them the most satisfaction. is an online portal for gamblers, and it has some really good tips on where to find popular slot machines.

All it comes down to in the end is entertainment. It’s not about the money for most players. Slot machines are a way of passing time, and enjoying your free time. Most people do not expect to become millionaires every time they enter a casino. If they find themselves winning a couple of hundred here and there it’s great, but for the most part they’re quite okay with losing their money.

This is, in my opinion, how slot machines should be played. Even if people end up losing their money, they would have still gotten value from it in the form of entertainment. I can recommend a good spanish website which has som really good casinos listed and reviewed. It’s called, and can be found here!

Bingo sites and their differences

Bingo has become massively popular lately and there seems to be a never ending stream of new people getting in to it every day at different bingo websites, and one thing is for certain – There sure are a lot of different bingo operators to choose from out there! What I wanted to go through in this article was just a few things on how certain bingo websites are very different to each others. Hope fully this will make your choice a bit easier when you the time comes to decide for a site to settle for!

First of all, all bingo sites are not fully targeted towards bingo. A lot of bingo websites also operates casino games such as slot machines, video poker and other lottery games. This, of course, is great for the all round player who likes to get in on casino games as well. In all honesty, most bingo players actually do have a taste for most chance-based games. Other websites takes it even one step further and offers bingo as part of a fully operated gambling central. These sites can offer all sorts of different games such as bingo, poker, casino, sports betting and financial betting. You can find a lot of information on what different operators can offer their customers at gambling portals like or, which has both reviews over different bingo operators and bingo tips for players of all types. Click here to find out more!

Some bingo sites is operated completely by a system that needs to manual attention, but in my experience those bingos are usually quite boring, as most people just sit there without talking to each other. I’d rather go for a bingo which had a chat moderator in the chat room. Their job is to make sure that every player is satisfied and having a good time. Usually they also arrange chat games in which the players have a chance to win free money to buy bingo cards for. This way, you get a ton of more value when playing at a site which has an operated chat room. Usually, the people playing at these sites are a lot more open minded and like communicating and making friends with the other players in the bingo room.

Another thing that separates the great bingo sites from the rest is the amount of bonuses they can offer customers. You should always go for a bingo site with the highest bonuses, as it will make your money’s worth. Some bingo websites can offer you up to as much as 200% bonus on your first deposit at their website, meaning that if you for example deposit $50 at their site, you will get a whopping $150 to play for straight away! There are several ways to find bingo websites with good bonuses, and the easiest way is probably to visit bingo centrals like juegos de bingo!

How to find new Sportsbooks

Have you been betting on sports online for a while and decided that it’s time to find a new Sportsbook? Maybe the one you initially chose don’t offer as many sports as you need. It’s common amongst beginners to just pick a website when they start out without thinking too much about it, and that’s all fine in the beginning, as you are not likely to need more than a few sports that you are interested in anyway. But after a while in the game, when you feel that you are starting to get good, you start thinking about odds and the selection of games. Maybe you read more about sports so that you know what type of games you should place your bets on. This is the time when you usually start looking around for a new, better Sportsbook that suits your needs.

The easiest way to go about when you want to find a new Sportsbook is to look for gambling centrals online. The usually have large lists of online sportsbooks which they have reviewed and rated based on several different factors, such as bonuses, game varieties, customer support and design. This way, you can get a clear overview over several different sportsbooks at the same place, without having to visit every single bookmaker yourself. An example of such a site would be, which is a Spanish website that has strategy guides, tips and reviews of several Spanish sportsbooks, which you can find here. The good thing about online gambling centrals is that it saves the bettors much time, and often a lot of money as well, seeing that they often can offer bonuses and promotions that are higher than the ones you would be offered by going straight on to the operators website.

But visiting a betting portal is often not enough to make sure that a betting website is good or not. Keep in mind that the people making the reviews have their own unique perception of things, which might differs from yours. Just because the reviewer like the site doesn’t have to guarantee that you will. So when you’ve found a website that looks interesting, don’t sign up straight away. Instead, start looking up the bookmaker at different betting forums to see what other punters have to say about the site. Usually, if someone has had a bad experience with an online bookie, they are quite glad to share that experience in several places online. What’s important to keep in mind here is that people in general are much more likely to write something if they’ve had problems. The one’s that haven’t had any problems are not as likely to want to share that with the world, as that is what you would expect to experience with a bookmaker.

Another good way to try sportsbooks out without risking anything is to pick one that offers a free bet in the beginning. This means that players that have just signed up will get to pick a bet for a certain amount of money, without having to pay for it. Usually, you need to make a deposit and wager a certain amount to be able to withdraw the potential profits of your free bet, but nevertheless it sets you off to a good start. You can find a bunch of different websites offering free bets at betting portals like which you can visit by clicking here!

3 great tips for poker

Poker is like an art form that very few of us truly master. A common saying is that poker that poker takes a minute to learn, but a lifetime to master, and there’s a lot in that saying that makes sense. If you think about it, there are always new things to learn in the game of poker, new strategies to employ, new mind games, and we never really become fully learned in the game. That said, I don’t mean that there aren’t a few people who have become true masters of the game. Just look at the WSOP (The World Series of Poker), which is the largest poker tournament in the world. How come that some people end up at the final table year after year, even though there are several thousand participants? That should give the people who say poker is a game of chance something to think about. As a beginner in poker, you’re are obviously not expected to know every little trick in the book, but I thought I’d put together three of the most important tips when you start playing poker. You can find more good tips at websites like PokerZ, which is a poker portal with a ton of useful information.

  1. Don’t start off by playing stakes too high. A common mistake that beginners make all the time is to start playing poker with too much money involved. First of all, when you’re new to the game you’re pretty much expected to lose more than you win in the first couple of months – but that’s all part of learning the game. Secondly, you have to understand that poker is truly a game of psychology. When you are playing for more money than you are comfortable with losing, you are going to be more likely to make mistakes. Maybe you’ll get nervous about it and therefore don’t think through your actions, or you may simply be forced to fold a pot you might have a good chance of winning simply because the other players bet too high. There are several websites with good articles on how to manage your bankroll in online poker.
  2. Learning instead of playing. Although you will pick things up when you play poker, it’s not going to teach you the more valuable lessons. A lot of newbies make the mistake of playing poker all the time but not employing new tactics while doing so. In order to get good at poker it’s essential that you read up on strategy guides and learn about odds, and not spend all your time just playing the game for fun. Read more strategy guides at poker portals such as Juegos De Poker, and try to divide your time between learning and playing.
  3. Pay attention around the table. Regardless of whether you’re playing online or at a live table, one of the biggest keys to success in poker is to pay attention to the other players around the table. With every action we make, we give communicate important information to our opponents. Try to make up player profiles of the other people around the table. Who is aggressive as opposed to tight? Who has a hot temperament? Which players are good and which players have no idea of what they’re doing? These are all important question to ask yourself during a game of poker.

This is a good start if you are new to poker, but when you are starting to get good there are several more things you need to learn. Have a look at for example. It’s a Spanish review site which also offers a lot of different tactics and systems to use in online poker!